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Curated by Adam O'Connor, words by Joey Dean

About two years ago I became fascinated with Lomography, so fascinated that I decided to buy their trendy, over-priced products to indulge myself in a bit of lo-fi, light-soaked photography that opposed the digital camera I was using.

I purchased a Fish Eye camera and instantly got into using it everywhere I went.

In an effort to find more Fish Eye Lomographic users, as well as shamelessly plug the few nice photos I managed to get out of a 35mm roll, I created a Flickr group named FISHEYE Britain. This bold one-man group, labelled too daring for some, that was on the fringes of avant-garde artistic expression was forgotten about – by me – and left to rot in the world of Flickr.

Over half a year later I remembered the group I once championed so proudly and went back to visit, finding, to my surprise, that it had attained over fifty regular posters and had a combined group pool of over three-hundred photographs. It would seem that in the world of Flickr, when some groups are left to their own fruition they can often be sought out and utilised by fanatics of that particular subject matter.

Below are a few of our favourite photographs from FISHEYE Britain’s group pool:

Rob H

The Bastard Landlord has recently set up our own Flickr group. If you are interested in photography, illustration or art, join in and send your submissions to our group pool.

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