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Rat Race

Samantha Morris' book 'Rat Race' depicts a series of reflections of monotonous every day life. She is not aiming to intervene, but to document, to be the eyes and ears of a regular passer by.

Morris' inspiration for creating the images originated in a poem by English pamphleteer George Wither (1588 - 1667).

When I behold the havoc and the spoil

Which, even within the compass of my day's

Is made through every quarter of this isle,

In woods and groves, which were the Kingdom's praise:

And when I mind with how much greediness

We seek the present gain in everything,

Not caring (so our lust we may possess)

What damage to prosperity we bring ...

What our forefathers planted, we destroy:

Nay, all men's labour, living heretofore,

And all our own, we lavishly employ

To serve our present lusts, and for no more.

Industrial Landscape

Public Convenience

Rain UK

Resident DJ

For more information on Samantha Morris' work, visit www.creative-episode.blogspot.com

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