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Daniel Meadows' Free Photographic Omnibus

Daniel Meadows studied photography at Manchester Polytechnic with Peter Fraser, Martin Parr, Brian Griffin and Charlie Meecham. In 1973, with the money he’d saved up from working through the summer at Butlin’s and with an Arts Council grant, Meadows set off on a 14 month tour of England in his ‘Free Photographic Omnibus’. It was essentially a Leyland PD1 bus, with the seats having been removed to make way for a darkroom, living quarters and the windows being used as the gallery space.

He has since been in search of the original subjects from the photographs, and has put together a book titled ‘The Bus’, which positions the original photographs next to a contemporary photographs containing the same people.

Meadows is incredibly interested in the individual and doesn’t view society as a ‘mass’. His work gives small windows into different stories, moods, feelings, time periods and cultural information.

You can view a short film on the Free Photographic Omnibus at www.photobus.co.uk and can purchase his book The Bus here.

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