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WU LYF - Spitting It Concrete Like the Golden Sun God

Little is known about WU LYF other than that they're from Manchester and aren't very open about themselves to the music press. From what we can surmise, they are a collective of musicians and artists that have surrounded themselves in a fog of mystery through the use of their own D.I.Y. art and design, leaving very few explanatory details along the way. If you visit their website www.wulyf.org (with the domain name itself hinting at them being an organisation), you are simply presented with a video, no information, no photos of the band members, just a music video.
All over the internet they have been described as sounding 'like Tom Waits' crossed with a number of old guitar heavy band references, which is incredibly lazy journalism. Below is a beautifully made video washed with powerful imagery and dreary colours. It acts as the perfect introduction to WU LYF's world, their ideas and their mysteriousness. So sit back for a couple of minutes and let the presence of WU LYF enter your consciousness.

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