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Polaroid 300

Photographs by Adam O'Connor

In recent years there has been a huge rise in popularity of analogue photographic formats over their digital counterparts. There are two notable examples of this – Lomography and the ever-iconic Polaroid Instant Camera.

As if you don’t know all about it, the Polaroid Instant camera was a single body camera that developed the operators photograph instantly on a piece of photographic paper. It was originally released in the 40’s in film roll format, before turning into pack film format and was initially utilized by policemen, firemen, ultrasound operators, as I.D. cards, passport photos and used by photographers to see if a shot would turn out right before taking their actual 35mm or medium format version. Over time their low-fi , easily accessible and instant effects gained a kitsch appeal, which continued right up until Polaroid disbanded the production of instant film in the face of a digital generation in 2009.

However, in the wake of Polaroid fan’s despair at losing instant photography, Polaroid decided to return to the scene with a brand new design of camera: the Polaroid 300. More than just the camera body has changed since the old instant camera, with the actual images themselves being 2.1” x 3.4” instead of the traditional 4” x 5”.

Amateur photographer Adam O’Connor took a look at the Polaroid 300 for us:

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