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Monthly Disposables

Monthly Disposables was curated by Eva van ‘t back in 2010 as a collection of photographic work from nineteen different photographers.

Each photographer was given a disposable camera and told to take one photograph each day for a month. The four-hundred and eighty-seven photographic results were then developed, printed and homed in one of two unique hand made boxes.

This interesting and diverse body of work from nineteen different photographers plays with the notions of disposable photography whilst, perhaps paradoxically, preserving it as a lovely D.I.Y package.

The photographers featured in the body of work are: Sjoukje Dijkstra, Jordan Small, Mira Heo, Iris Jans, Hollie Victoria Robson, Meynou Jacobs, Stig de Block, Elies van Renterghem, Tamara Suskic, Alicia Griffiths, Mate Ugrin, Marieke Ruytenburg, Leandra Mele, Nina Zivkovic, Stephanie de Smet, Tom Cops, Simon Nunn and Nina Ahn.

The box can be bought for €25 from http://monthly-disposables.tumblr.com

Tom Cops

Stig de Block

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