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White Split

Words by Joe Howarth

Once one of the most famous power duos, this husband/wife, brother/sister combination, which no-one knows the true origins of, have decided to call it a day. Hanging up their red jeans and white tee shirts, and moving on to pastors new. According to their website its because “they don’t want to destroy, that which is beautiful”.
It is true that a couple of their songs were very good, catching the imagination of the masses. Pumping out a sound that most people thought, couldn’t be produced from a two piece band. But anyone who lives outside of the mainstream, Radio 1, MTV, kiss my as “Q” magazine generation will know, that other two pieces like The Black Keys and Death From Above 1979 managed to pull that sound off even better, with a rawer energy and ability to deliver live, as well as on a album.
This Split has been coming for sometime, and lets face it, who really cares? So rather than chronologically list every album, gig and one of TV appearance they’ve done, lets look at something more interesting. Has demand for the music disappeared? Is there no money left for them to squeeze out of that particular niche anymore, does either Meg or Jack have a drug and sex addiction that is so depraved and shameful, they dare not show their faces……Unless its in a gimp mask, with a pipe that connects their air intake, to a cows ass. These are things which need serious consideration. For instance could Jack have decided to throw this music/acting career away, to live out his dream of being a Financial Analyst for some major Blue Chip organization. When you look at the two possibilities, it is clear which is more likely.

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