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Joey O'Mahoney

Joey O’Mahoney is a long-standing favourite of the Bastard Landlord and shares the same passion for using manual, lo-fi cameras that we do. His subject matter often consists of his circle of friends and the adventures they have such as building and skating their own concrete skatepark known to locals as The Peach Orchard. O’Mahoney describes: “I used to mainly shoot things I had little to no effect on, but now that I find myself manipulating the landscape, I tend to mainly shoot that”. Here we have gathered some of O’Mahoney’s photographs from his explorations through the streets of Old Orleans, as well a few passing shots of skateparks.

Joey O’Mahoney is currently running two blogs: Transitional Spaces and Peach Orchard, a blog documenting the progress of the DIY concrete community skatepark of the same name.

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