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History In The Making

As the eighteenth day of protests in Egypt rolls into action, tens of thousands of Pro-Democracy demonstrators are camped together in Tahrir Square. They were outraged last night as President Mubarak’s speech brought news that Emergency Law was still in effect and Mubarak wouldn’t officially step down from his presidency. Instead he would hand over power to vice-president Omar Suleiman. This wasn’t what the protesters wanted to hear, especially as various media sources around the world had hinted that after the seventeenth day of protest, either Suleiman or Tantawi were expected to take over the Egyptian Presidency.

These photographs, taken by Kevin Hani and Spanish newspaper El Mundo Economia y Negocios, were have been uploarded through Flickr as the protests continue. They attempt to show the harrowing conditions of the protests that have left at least 105 dead, over 2,000 injured and a country, still, in turmoil.

Kevin Hani

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