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The Bruce Parry Drinking Game

Back in my more fortunate days of being a student, me and my flatmates found ourselves bored enough to set about drinking heavily whilst sitting in watching the T.V. on a weeknight.

Not only were we bored on a weeknight, we were also poor and could only afford terrestrial T.V. (and even then we were evading the license radars). So with channels being limited from 1 to 4, and a very snowy channel 5, we haplessly found ourselves drinking to 'Amazon with Bruce Parry'.

As Bruce Parry is now back on prime time television every sunday, with his new series aptly entitled 'Arctic with Bruce Parry', I am reminded of the list of very flimsy rules which I will joyfully explain:

1- Drink every time Bruce is pitted against a communication breakdown with a local inhabitant.

2-Drink every time Bruce paints part of his body with an obscure symbol.

3-Drink every time Bruce gets his nob out.

4-Drink every time anyone on the show gets their nob out.

5-Drink every time the local female tribes-people get their tits out.

6-Drink every time Bruce explores the local home brewed, psychedelic, mind expanding drugs.

Now you don't have to fear for something to do when you're sitting in with nothing to watch but Bruce Parry.

"This shit's kicking in...Is anyone else seeing like, err.....naked villagers...?"

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