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Summer In The East Fjords

Geneviève Bjargardóttir's 'Summer In The East Fjords' feels more like a winter landscape to us in Great Britain. She is an Icelandic photographer that, in her own words, takes pictures of "landscapes, cities, oceans, my friends, loves and lovers". Geneviève's images have a simple and remote quality, conveying sometimes ghostly landscapes and very personal portraits.

Geneviève describes her set of photographs Summer in the East Fjords:
"These pictures were taken in the east fjords of Iceland in July - even if it does not look it. Summers are chilly here - sweater weather, even parka weather some of the time. The east is my favourite part of the country. It is very far away from anything really and takes an entire day of driving from Reykjavik to get there. It is worth all the trouble. Tiny farms and huge valleys, rivers that run clear and so cold from the ice they are melted from, everywhere so filled up with greens and growing so richly from the constant summer sun, small forests growing up when most of the island is bare of trees - it is a magical place. And people says that a lot about all of Iceland, but the east really seems like something new and something forgotten at the same time. Everything that you see there - the mountains and waterfalls and cliffs and black beaches - you feel that you are discovering it yourself and you are the only one to have seen it truly. There are thick fogs also that settle around that area - they come and go, and often when you are deep in them all of a sudden you will break into the sun and it will be perfectly clear, with only that wall of the fog behind you."

We will be coming back with more of Geneviève's work as she has an amazing portfolio which you can view online here

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