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Light Leaks Magazine

Photography has changed since the digital camera and Photoshop became readily available, most photographers no longer enjoy hours on end locked in darkened rooms fumbling around with film and chemicals, for some though this is where their true passion lies.

Analogue photography has a certain charm that cannot be recreated in digital form.

Light Leaks Magazine was founded by Michael Barnes (owner of www.toycamera.com) and his wife Rachel Morris. The Editorial content is handled by Steph Parke who is in constant search for the best low-fi photographers and writers to keep each issue unique and fresh.

Michael and Rachel’s love and dedication to analogue photography is undeniable, Light Leaks Magazine celebrates the artistry and creativity of lo-fi analogue photography and the photographers who use the cameras.

Light leaks magazine HQ is Ottawa Canada, with issues published quarterly in February, May, August, and November. Issues are available online for around $15 and are also available in a select few retailers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Each issue of the magazine contains 60 pages packed with features on photographers and their photographs. Light leaks magazine also runs a feature gallery in which readers are asked to submit their own photography and these submissions are selected by a guest gallery editor. The magazine also features regular columns, interviews, news, and special features on analogue photography.

Light leaks and Lomography are currently running a black and white photography competition titled, ‘Noir’. The 4 winning photographers will be featured in the upcoming issue of light leaks. They will also get their hands on a subscription to light leaks and a brand new Diana Mini Petite Noire.

Words by Lee Gallacher.

You can find out more about Light Leaks at www.lightleaks.org, and more about the Light Leaks & Lomography competition here.

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