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Last year Simon Goodwin took a solitary trip up to Mount Snowdon in Wales to enjoy some peace and quiet in some otherwise beautiful scenery. The resulting photographs document his experience with washed out colours, dimly lit frames and invading mountain mist.
Goodwin describes his experience on the trip in this short passage:
"It takes 5 hours of walking up baron hills inhabited by rocks and sheep to reach the summit of Snowdon,
halted only by the abduction of the soul in moments of awe at the vast landscapes that stretch out behind you.
At times, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd shrunk to an inch tall and were standing on the peak of a crease in an unmade bed. But, when finally resting at the peak, it is not unlikely that the profound stillness will nurse the fatigue."

For more of Simon Goodwin's writing and generally overactive thoughts visit his blog Autumn Overground at www.simongoodwin.tumblr.com

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  1. Some might say the pictures portray Snowdon on a good day. I have lived in North Wales all my 56 years and have never been able to find a clear and convenient day to go up the mountain without too many moaning tourists to block my way.

    The local saying is: "If you can see Snowdon it is going to rain, if you can't see it then it is already raining", or something like that, things get lost in the translation.